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Teens Resist

Teens Resist is a website and resource center dedicated to making political activism easier for teens in a time when youth involvement is imperative. The news these days seems to move at the speed of light, each day bringing new legislation, proposals and outrage. It’s understandable that attempting to become politically involved is a looming expectation for a teenager. With the endless flow of news, opportunities and demands, the specificities of political activism are hard to understand. Enter Teens Resist.

Teens Resist aims to create a space where teenage activists can become politically involved in simple ways. We provide resources like scripts, phone numbers and news briefings so that we can be a one-stop destination for activism resources for teens.

Although most teens can’t vote, and political discussions are dominated by adults, the choices made now will shape the society we grow up into. Throughout history, youth have championed moments of uprising. It’s so important for teens to be involved right now, even in the smallest of ways. We hope to make that a little easier.

How are we connected to Teens Resist?

Good question! The Highly Indy Project and Teens Resist are innately connected in our similar dedication to youth involvement and voice. Therefore, the Highly Indy and Teens Resist are essentially parts of one another, Teens Resist being a resource and politics action center, and Highly Indy being a platform for teenage voice.

Check out Teens Resist here and take action now!
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