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Contact us: We want to hear your voice! Send us an email at to connect with any questions or concerns.

Submissions: Highly Indy is open to publishing political or personal-minded writing by NYC teens, from journalism to essays to poetry. The sky's the limit, so shoot us an email with your idea and we're ready to help you become published:

  • To pitch a piece, shoot us an email at with your name, school, grade, email, and submission idea.

  • To submit a piece that you have already written, share it with us in a Google Doc at, and shoot us a quick email introducing yourself (name, school, grade) and your submission.

  • Note that we're always sifting through emails. If you haven't received a response within 5 days, feel free to send a follow-up putting your request at the top of our inbox!

Join our staff: want to join the team, but don't have an idea for a piece just yet? No worries! Fill in your email below, and we'll send you updates and prompts every few weeks to get you brainstorming:

submit writing!

Thanks for submitting!

Form requests: if emailing isn't your thing, feel free to fill out the form below and we promise to get back to you:

Thanks! Message sent.

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