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Not the Last Panic Attack; Too Late; Unforgiving Waves

Raiana Khan

October 25th, 2017


I couldn’t breathe.

My body shook as I heard the screams in the next room battle with the screams ringing in my head. I gasped for breath as I felt my hollow chest caving in on itself. Each breath jarred my body. I curled up and hugged my body tightly, trying desperately to ease the searing pain in my chest, trying to hold myself together. Every second felt like forever.


Like the pain would never come to a stop.

Then, all at once,

my agony lessened.

The outside yelling melted away as I felt sharp pains on my stomach. My long nails ripped through my soft, previously unscarred flesh. I wasn’t focusing on the screams anymore. I grit my teeth and stabbed my nails into my skin.

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