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My Never Ending Letter to Sexual Abusers

Raiana Khan

March 25th, 2018


How could you.


Did it “just happen?” How does that work? Does your brain just shut just off the second you see a vulnerable person with a drink, or someone showing some skin, or even someone just existing? What, if anything, goes through your mind? If you actually planned to sexually abuse someone, why? Did you think that it was just a joke, or just having some fun? Did you want to hurt them, or use them for sexual pleasure? Did you think it was sexual abuse? Did you know that what you were doing was something wrong? Did you feel pressured to do it? Do you think that you deserve redemption? Do you consider the victim as a fellow human being? Do you not understand that you cannot in any circumstance touch another person without their permission? Not when they give their permission while drunk, drugged or pressured into saying yes either. Do you think you deserve a future? Look at another perspective. Would you want someone to do something to you that you don’t want to happen without your permission? Would you be fine with someone nonconsensually setting you on fire, if they said that it was “just a joke?” You can't just brush this off or try to fix your own future cause I’m telling you right now, your fucking future should not be your, or anyone else's, top priority at the moment. Tell the truth. Help the victim because you owe it to them to do as much as you can to make sure that you get exactly what you deserve. You owe them to make this horrible fucking process as easy as it can be for them. Lastly, at least for this piece of this letter, remember this. You were absolutely in the wrong and your pain or regret are not in anyway shape or form equal to the trauma and pain you’ve given to the victim.”


A girl who’s really fucking tired of all this

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