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Instagram on a Student Budget: Cooper Hewitt

Saira Amar

October 14th, 2017


Personally, I can’t rely on my wallet everywhere I go, and when I do go out borough to borough, I attempt to spend less than $30. With this guide, you’ll spend much less than that! At the end of each article I’ll total the amount spent during venturing, and see if it goes under or over budget. During this series, I will either be referencing my photos, mostly from @an.improvisionist (Shameless self-promotion insert) or other Instagram pages by other highschool students!


This week’s feature is the Cooper Hewitt Museum located on 5th Avenue and East 90th St! The Cooper Hewitt is the only museum in the United States dedicated to old and new designs! Inside, you’ll see old remnants of the Andrew Carnegie mansion-- from its regular gallery, contemporary chairs, to its Immersion room.

The Immersion room is a series of wall coverings that you can design via a high-tech pen you get upon admission! You can select digital wallpapers or create your own wallpaper, and project them on the walls.


This museum, minus the immersion room, usually takes about 30 minutes to explore! After that, depending on the weather, you could have a picnic in the Cooper Hewitt park, with interactive chairs, and ping pong, or Central Park, which is only a block away! If you want quick bites to eat in the area there’s cheap places like Naruto Ramen (3rd Avenue and 90th St.), Famous Famiglia Pizza (Madison and 97th st.) or 3 Guys (Madison and 96th st.)


Cooper Hewitt: Free! (As a highschool student, you aren’t charged.)

Lunch: $5-12 (Optional)

Metro Card Fare: Free/2.75

Total: Free/14.75!

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