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2018 March For Our Lives: 37 Powerful Signs that You Need to See ASAP

Proof Schubert Reed

March 25th, 2018


The 2018 March For Our Lives hosted massive amounts of powerfully passionate and strong young people all across the U.S. and world. Led by the survivors of the Parkland shooting, students and adults alike pushed for real concrete reform in gun legislation, demanding comprehensive and just gun control that only the U.S. seems to be lacking and standing in solidarity with those hurt by the mass school shootings since Columbine in 1999. To learn more about the various controversies of gun control (assault weapons, 2nd Amendment interpretations, disproportionate treatment of African-American victims in the media, militarization of police, etc.) and what YOU can do to fight back, check out these articles on our site:


For all of you who marched on Saturday, we at Highly Indy are so very proud of the incredible fight that the youth of this country are leading. Keep at it.


Now, without further ado... here are some of the most powerful, wittiest, stand-out march posters/signs that Highly Indy contributors saw in NYC and in places across the world (including LA, DC, Argentina, and more). If you have photos you want to see included, send them over to us at For now, keep the following super incredible themes and points in mind, and enjoy some awesome art below…

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