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Francie Brewster


Colleges are not exactly asking who I am, as much as they are asking who I am right now, and hoping that indicates who I will be. As much as I have been grasping for an iron-clad sense of identity, Covid has made me realize that, really, people’s identities are constantly shifting and evolving with experience. And with that sense of freedom comes choice: we can choose to define ourselves by whatever parameter we like, at whatever point in time––and it doesn’t have to be based on other people.

Claire Tempelman

Venus J. Champagne

Aisha Baiocci and AnnaBelle Medina

Darya Farah Foroohar

Kushal Sahabir

Francie Brewster

Mary Catherine Fitzgerald

Reema Demopoulos

Darya Farah Foroohar

Madison Loughlin

What do an alien warlord, Tom Cruise, and a murderous maniac have in common?

Declan Gunn

Reema Demopoulos

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