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Where I'm From/d'Où Je Viens

Bronx International Students

December 28th, 2017


Enjoy these poems by students original from Africa now living in the Bronx from Senegal, Ghana, Sierre Leone, Gambia and Cameroon. They speak English, Creole and Wolof and French.




Where I’m From



I am from Sierra Leone,

From a big home and chairs.

I am from the good, wet walk, and noisy,


I am from an apple tree,

I am celebrating independent and observing,

From my mom and uncle.

I am from yelling and over reacting,

From caring and helpful.

I am from Christianity and goes to church every Sunday,

I am Sierra Leone, potatoes,

From who stole my bracelet.

The successful businessman in sL,

I am from my family,

I am from Brush my teeth,

From Aunt’s cookies and Dad chicken salad,

From Aurore’s strawberries,

I am from Birthday and Christmas,

I am from see you in the morning,

From where my sister is from.


* * *

Where I’m From



I am from gold, from oil and cocoa

I am from the hot, tropical smell

I am from the Jasmine, a genus of shrubs and vines in the olive family

I’m from cooking and learning, from Garfo and Anumah

I’m from the speakers and leaders

From “Make good is of life” and “It’s okay for dreams to be bigger than you”

I’m from Jesus Christ, my Saviour

I’m from Accra, Ghana

From jollof, fufu, waakye, kenkey

From the king of a town in the Volta Region

From the famous boxer in Ghana

I am from the fighters against slavery

I am from powerful priests

From kente weavers and designers

From famous footballers like Esien

I am from Ghana, the home of morals and discipline!

* * *


Where I'm from?



I’m from 5:00 morning prayer.

I’m from avocado trees and sugar cane.

I’m from Bamanan family, Doumbia family and cherif family and Diomandé.

I’m from Doumbia great sense of peaceful life and early sleep.

I’m from "always work hard" and "respect your family."

I'm from Africa love and interest.

I’m from stop doing that and keep going for it.

I’m from school.

I’m from bronx.

I’m from understand people feelings.

I’m from happiness.

I’m from be strong,courageous.

I’m from be scare sometime.

I’m from follow your dream.

I’m from believe yourself.


D’ou viens tu?



Je viens de 5:00 prière du matin.

Je viens des avocatiers et de la canne à sucre.

Je suis de la famille Baman, de la famille Doumbia et de la famille Cherif et de Diomandé.

Je suis de Doumbia un grand sens de la vie paisible et du sommeil précoce.

Je viens de une famille qui toujours dit "toujours travailler dur" et "respecter votre famille"

Je viens d'Afrique avec l’ amour et l’intérêt.

Je suis d'arrêter de faire ça et de continuer.

Je viens de l'école.

Je viens de bronx.

Je suis quelqu’un qui peut comprendre les sentiments des gens.

Je viens du bonheur.

Je viens d'être fort et courageux.

Je viens d'être effrayer parfois.

Je viens de suivre ton rêve.

Je viens de croire en soi.

* * *




Where I’m from



I’m from Senegal Man Senegal la deukeu

I’m the City of Dakar Man Dakar la dukeu

I’m from my mom penda Konte. Man si sama yaye la deukeu

I’m from riche and fish Man thièbou dieune la deukeu

I’m from the sand Man si sour la deukeu

I’m from Youssou Ndour. Man Youssou ndour la deukeu

I’m from my dad taifour. Man sama papa taifour la deukeu

I’m from the school Saldi. Man sama ecole la deukeu

I’m from my family Sall and ndiaye. Man sama fami Sall ak ndiaye la deukeu

I’m from a lot of people Man si nit you neuritis la deukeu

I’m from Africa Man africa la deukeu

I’m from dieuppeul. Man dieuppeul la deukeu

I’m from the beach Man si guégne la deukeu

I’m from salads. Man si souf la deukeu

I’m from the snake Man si Diane la deukeu

* * *


Where I’m From



I am from waly seck and Dip

I am from balla and modou lo

l am from mané and keita baldé


I am from Neymar and Ronaldo

I am from Messi and Suarez


I am from sidy diop and momo dineg

I am from mbappé and o.demebele

I am from mafe and doumada

I am from dance and music

I am from breakfast and lunch

I am from sleeping at and waking up at

I am from school and house

I am from airport and flight


I am from train and bus

I am from dakar and thies

I am from james and di maria

* * *




Where I am from



I am from koutaba

From top milk and rio chocolat.

I am from the roi bamoun eggs statues so tall, eggs statues.

I am from trees, bees and bush.

Where the magic trees are reals

I am from de ngouon et rules

From Camille and Jamil.

I am from football tendency et bruit silently from jouer on the mud

Arrange puis cut.

I am from Islam practice pour prier every morning.

I am from everybody says Halla from guava and tuna

From the great Fathers yende papa.

So quiet almost happiness and football the best.

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