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Tbh: The Anonymous App Filled with Positivity!

Saira Amar

October 1st, 2017


Teenagers everywhere are downloading “tbh,” the app that only says good things about you. Usually one would be skeptical of an app, but with these trends, conformity calls to download it.


The superior to Sarahah, a site where you can anonymously post about a specific person who has made an account (similar to Ask.Fm and Yik Yak), tbh has launched it’s beta run in the nyc metro-area. But what exactly is it?


In short, you pick friends that you would know either from your local high school/contact information, and you’re asked opinionated positive questions in the form of polls where you have to choose one out of the four names/choices at the bottom. When choosing this person you befriended in the poll, they will anonymously get a notification and see the poll. Once finishing twelve of these questions consecutively, you would have to wait usually around an hour to have the next set of positive polls. If you get selected by another person via them choosing your name on a poll, you get a currency for the app, a gem. With these gems you can do more polls without waiting.


Tbh was initially launched in a semi-large high school in Georgia, where overnight over 2,000 schools in the state were using it, leaving the development team at Midnight Labs LLC in awe. The small development team from Oregon is working to expand the app, allowing one state at a time to join this new trend. Now, if you’re not in the 18 states that have the app, you’re not exactly “geo-locked”, but it would be much harder to find fellow classmates or teenagers in your area that have the app.


For those that are skeptical of having tbh as a form of social media, from a fellow highschooler using this app, it’s not addictive as it seems. As you’re given an hour’s wait time with less than a minute’s polling, it should equate to less than a half hour in social media usage, therefore you’re not wasting too much time. Plus, with all the anonymous positivity, who wouldn’t want a tbh?

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